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TemperPine Decking

TemperPine’s thermally modified Pine decking provides a sustainable and safe solution for the needs of builders, contractors, homeowners and remodelers.


  • TemperPine Decking is impervious to fungi and bacteria that cause decay, rot and mold.

  • Provides an incredibly long service life of 15+ years while maintaining its strength and beauty over time.

  • TemperPine decking does not warp, expand, contract or become a food source for insects due to seasonal changes in temperature and humidity.

  • Easy to install and requires low maintenance making it the ideal choice for any application.

  • Stands up to the toughest weather conditions and suitable for backyards, decks, porches, pools, outdoor showers, landscaping, public spaces, restaurants, window and door components, and more.

Easy to Install

  • Available NET Lengths in 7′ 10″, 9′ 10″, 11′ 9″ and 15′ 8″

  • NET Size: 1.02″ thick x 5.5″ wide

  • Uses traditional fastening methods

  • 3/16″ spacing recommended between the boards


TemperPine Process

Thermal modification is a process used to produce durable, dimensionally stable wood products that are sustainable and suitable for outdoor use.

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Thermal modification process involves heating the wood at controlled temperatures in order to alter its physical properties. The temperatures used range from 165C to 230C and the length of time the wood is heated depends on various factors including species, desired results, and moisture content. This heat treatment improves stability while reducing warping and shrinking, giving the material improved dimensional stability over standard materials such as untreated cedar, radiata pine, maple, birch, oak, hickory and even pressure treated wood products.

Additionally, the heat treatment also reduces potential decay caused by fungi or insects by killing off pests that typically feed on healthy wood. Its enhanced properties make it much more durable than untreated wood allowing for extended useful life expectancy even when installed outdoors without additional treatments or coatings.

This method of creating timber products makes not only makes them more resistant but also increases their sustainability profile since it extends their lifespan meaning fewer new trees will have to be cut down each year thus preserving forested areas around us from excessive deforestation which is essential for ensuring a future with clean air and water resources.

Benefits Like You've Never Seen

Class 2 Durability

Impervious to fungi and bacteria that cause decay, rot and mold for a minimum of 15 years. The best alternative to endangered South American softwoods and hardwoods.

Dimensionally Stable

Resistant to warping, expanding, contracting and becoming a food source for insects due to seasonal changes in temperature and humidity.


PEFC Certified. All-natural, eco-friendly and fully recyclable. Harvested and produced from responsibly managed forests in Finland.


No chemicals are used during the production of TemperPine, it is completely non-toxic and safe for indoor as well as outdoor use.

Low Maintenance

It can be installed without any surface treatment. It naturally weathers into beautiful silver-gray patina if left untreated with UV-protected oil.

In Any Environment

Stays beautiful even under extreme climates: rainforest heat or cold mountain weather won’t affect its shape.

TemperPine decking is a all-natural wood product made from sustainable Nordic Pine forests in Finland.

It is chemical-free, non-toxic, eco-friendly. It means that you can be sure that you are helping to protect the environment by choosing this renewable, sustainable product for your outdoor decking project.

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Build Your Dreams 

Build Your Dreams 

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Available In-Stock in select Home Depot stores and via special order from most quality lumber yards.

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